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Note: Contact Lens orders are for customers with their valid prescription information on file. Also, insurance benefits cannot be applied through this form. If you are a new customer, or wish to apply vision insurance to an order, please call our office at (404) 534-1222 during our normal business hours for assistance.
Contact Lens Order Request
Belvedere Eye Center offers a full range of specialty and therapeutic contact lenses, in addition to the products listed on this page. Please CONTACT US if you do not find your lenses on the list, and we will help place your order promptly.
*Note: If your prescription is the same in both eyes, you have the option to only order one box at a time. For this option, fill out information for Right Eye only and select None and 0 for your Left Eye.    


Thank you for submitting your contact lens order request.


Your contacts have not been ordered yet...

We will verify your contact lens prescription and email your invoice or call you to complete payment!

Please do not submit this order again, doing so may only delay your order. We have received your request.


*If your prescription on file is invalid (it has been over 1 year since your last contact lens exam), our office will reach out to you letting you know that we're unable to order your contacts and will assist you in scheduling an appointment for a new contact lens exam and prescription. 

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